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Ours is an effective, efficient, multi-disciplinary approach to land use planning and landscape architecture, with special emphasis on land use analysis, site-specific design and landscape design for both the public and private development sectors. UDKS is highly respected for its ability to liaise between clients and all levels of government within the State of Florida. Our staff members are highly regarded by members of the real estate development community as the go-to team for governmental expertise and assistance. Most members of our staff hold one or more professional certifications and/or degrees in their field of expertise, and several hold master’s degrees. The ability to work seamlessly with the public and private sectors allows the firm’s project managers to guide projects along the most time- and cost-effective path to success.

UDKS offers premier design and professional services to our clients. Our network of professional partners, including architects, attorneys, engineers, environmental consultants and public relations agencies is drawn from the best of the best. We work with these partners regularly, allowing our Project Managers to build an efficient project team perfectly suited to both geographic location and tasks.